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Grand Paris Express is the commisioning party for the extension of the subway network in the greater Paris area. The temporary organization Avenir, responsible for line 17-1 within this project, required a gantry crane for the provision of a tunnel boring machine (mole). This machines operates at 35 meters below ground level. The tunnel reaches a length of over 6 kilometers. It is part of the extension of the subway network, and is to be finished before the Olympic Games of 2024.

Grand Paris Express

Our solution

Wayss & Freytag, part of Royal BAM Group, is responsible for part of this assignment. Wayys & Freytag had made use of the services of BKRS in a previous project in The Hague. Due to the positive experience from both sides, Wayss & Freytag approached BKRS for this new project as well.

Wayss & Freytag and BKRS have a constructive cooperation. Both parties like to make use of the extensive experience and knowledge of the other. For example, BKRS saw an opportunity to improve the initial design of the crane.

The gantry crane was delivered in February of 2020. The crane has an operating load of 45 tonnes and a total length of 33 meters. It can supply the tunnel boring machine at 35 meters depth without any trouble. In this way, BKRS contributes to the extension of the Paris subway network.

The delivered solution

    • Frequentiegestuurde voedingshaspel

    • Radiogestuurde Portaalkraan


About the client

Grand Paris Express extends the subway network of Paris. The complete project consists of a series of tunnels with a total length of over 200 kilometers. Additional to the extension of the existing lines, four new lines will be added. Among others, a line is being created that brings travellers from the Le Bourget airport to the location of the 2024 Summer Games. A total of 60 new stations will be built. The subproject Line 17-1 is mainly executed by four parties: Demathieu bard, Implenia, Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A en Royal BAM Group.

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