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CEVA Logistics has realised the expansion of an extra warehouse unit for an internationally active customer in the industrial sector.
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CEVA Logistics offers their clients a service tailored to their specific needs. CEVA Logistics has realised the expansion of a warehouse unit for one of their international clients, active in the industrial sector. This client provides equipment and components for use in the mining industry, metal recycling industry and more. There are all components of varying sizes and weights. In order to be able to provide the logistics services for this customer as efficiently as possible, CEVA Logistics has contacted BKRS.

CEVA Logistics

Our Solution

BKRS supplied one structure of two overhead cranes and one mobile gantry crane for this project. BKRS always constructs its cranes as efficiently as possible, on location of the customer. This way, the customer limits downtime for their processes.

The construction of the two overhead cranes is 30 meters long, 9 meters wide and 5 meters high. The construction is located above the work surface inside the warehouse and was built on location by BKRS. The height of this construction makes it possible to enter the work area with various lifting and hoisting equipment.

Mobile And flexible 

The gantry crane has a base that is constructed with castors and is therefore mobile. This simple solution requires no fixed construction within the work place and is therefore very flexible. With a mobile gantry crane, the customer can go anywhere in their work place to move a heavy load.

This relatively inexpensive investment is ideal for small and medium businesses thanks to its flexibility. The crane can be used in all kinds of workplaces, such as warehouses, garages, workshops, factories and of course outside.

No crane license needed

An advantage of this crane is that you do not need a crane license. Anyone from the age of 18 is allowed to control this type of crane. Because the control does not depend on one qualified person, this type of crane is very popular with companies.


About the client

As a recognized logistics expert and thanks to more than 750 warehouses worldwide, CEVA Logistics offers and manages end-to-end supply chain solutions. CEVA Logistics is active in various industries including the medical, industrial and technological sector for medium to large companies. Customers of this company include Hema and Dr. Martens.

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