Custom Hoist for Doka

Custom Hoist for Doka

Doka came to BKRS with the task of creating a custom hoist for a construction Project. BKRS designed and produced this custom hoist.
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Doka is a construction company. They are currently working on the construction of buildings with approximately 50 floors.

To give a building floors and ceilings, you constantly have to lift a mold or a formwork table. The mold is put in place and then walls are placed around it. Concrete is poured into the mold. As soon as the concrete has set, the mold is removed again.

Normally the mold is applied by hand plate by plate. This takes a lot of time. That is why Doka wanted to use one large, complete formwork table from now on. But lifting such a huge mold is a big challenge. That is why they contacted BKRS.

Custom Hoist for Doka

Our Solution

BKRS and their in-house engineers have made a lifting device that is large and strong enough for a Doka formwork table. The lifting device, which is actually a large hook, was completely designed and manufactured by BKRS. The product was ready after six weeks, which met Doka's tight deadline.

The hook has a capacity of 3500 kilograms and can lift tables of 10 by 3 meters. A big advantage of using this hook comes from the fact that Doka can prefab a lot on the ground. You can assemble a table on the floor and then lift it up. Then you simply pour floors on top of the ceiling. This saves a lot of time for Doka.

Custom solution

Doka is very content with the lifting equipment. The customization meets all of Doka's wishes. BKRS likes to think out-of-the-box to make their products as efficient as possible. For example, thanks to the construction, the hook is quite light and you therefore have no dead weight. The hook can be disassembled and is therefore easy to transport.


About the client

Doka is an international manufacturer and supplier of formwork that is used in all areas of the construction industry. Doka has more than 150 years of family history. Their customers worldwide benefit from the values that have evolved from this: reliability, experience and mutual trust. Doka has a global workforce of 7,400, with 160 offices in 70 countries on 5 continents.

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