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    Suspension Cranes

    Product description

    A suspension crane is attached to the ceiling of the workshop. This makes it possible to achieve the great advantage of suspension cranes: no crane track columns are required, so that you can make more optimal use of the workspace. At the same time, the hoist can lift loads closer to the wall, through the lateral overhangs. Suspension cranes are used for operating loads up to 16 tons with a span of up to 30 meters. It is no wonder we mainly see this type of crane system in crane construction systems with a lower operating load.

    Custom made suspension cranes

    Suspension cranes are ideal for halls with a low ceiling and halls where the floor space must be optimally used. As there are many different applications for suspension cranes, they can be completely custom-made for your specific application. For example, it is not uncommon to use several hanging cranes on a single crane track. With extra collision protection and crane distance control, we assure you of a safe hanging crane system.

    The service of BKRS

    At BKRS, suspension cranes are designed, manufactured and installed in-house. This is a large convenience to your business as you only need to maintain contact with a single party. Therefore, delays due to collaborations with other parties are a thing of the past. At BKRS we listen to the requirements and wishes for the challenge you face. Together we devise an ideal suspension crane system. This is realized in our factory in Veghel and assembled at your location. Are you curious about our service? Don't hesitate to contact us!

    • Specification
      • Load (in kg tons)
        • 16.0
      • Max span (meter)
        • 30.0
    Pieter Bekkers
    Pieter BekkersDirecteur/Eigenaar
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