• Custom Jib Cranes

    Custom Jib Cranes

    Product Description

    Jib cranes simplify smaller hoisting tasks at any workplace. Jib cranes are fitted with a slewing arm, which can be used to pick up and move loads, for example in a production line. They therefore make an important contribution to ergonomics on the work floor. Custom jib cranes are suitable for loads ranging from 50 to 6.300 kg. Jib cranes can be constructed with lengths up to 14 metres. They are deliverable as a wall jib crane for assembly on a wall or against a building column, or as a column jib crane including a column and base plate. 

    Custom Jib Cranes

    Jib Cranes should fit perfectly within your production processes. BKRS Crane Systems listens to the requirements and wishes, and designs a jib crane fit for your specific situation. For example, the type of mounting, length of the arm and slewing range are all customizable. For each situation, additional options may be needed for the crane. Our cranes can be fitted with a slewing range limiter, adjustable swing stops, or remote control. Can't find the option you are looking for? Get in contact with us, and we will make it possible!

    A Jib Crane from BKRS Crane Systems

    At BKRS, jib cranes are designed and manufactured in-house. This brings convenience to your business, as you only need to maintain contact with a single party. Delays due to collaborations with other parties are a thing of the past. At BKRS we listen to the requirements and wishes for the challenge you have. Together we devise an ideal jib crane system. The end product is manufactured in our factory in Veghel and assembled at your location. Are you curious about our service? Don't hesitate to contact us.

    • Specification
      • Load (in kg tons)
        • 6.3
      • Jib length
        • 14.0
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