Jib Cranes

Jib cranes at BKRS Crane Systems

BKRS supplies two primary types of jib cranes. Wall jib cranes are mounted on a wall or building column. Pillar jib cranes are installed including free-standing column and base plate. Both types of jib crane are ideal for lifting at any workplace, because a jib crane contributes to the ergonomics on the work floor.

The maximum payload of jib cranes mainly depends on the boom length. Shorter arms are able to lift heavier loads. You can go to BKRS for jib cranes with a boom length of up to 14 meters. Jib cranes with a smaller extension can handle operating loads of up to 6,300 kg. In addition, jib cranes are adjustable in the jib range, displacement and lifting unit. Contact us for a custom-made solution!

Application for jib cranes

The jib crane is mainly used for indoor use in workplaces. The crane supports employees in loading machines or changing heavy components. For this reason, you will often find jib cranes in the automotive industry, garages, shipping, shipyards and other industries.

Options for jib cranes

In addition to the choice of various components, such as a jib crane with chain hoist or wire rope hoist as a lifting unit, or operation on the trolley or independently, additional options are possible for jib cranes. BKRS offers wireless remote control, a ­range limiter or adjustable jib stops as options. But BKRS is also open to new ideas, and we are happy to develop a custom solution with you!

BKRS is the specialist for jib cranes

BKRS has been developing its craftsmanship since the 1970s. With almost 50 years of experience, BKRS has the technical know-how to realize the most complex crane systems. This is a total process at BKRS. For example, we start designing your crane system, after which it is taken into construction in our workshop and assembled on site. You can also contact us for testing, maintenance and inspection.

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