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A hoist jib is basically a steel beam with one or more eyelets at the top, with which the lifting beam can be attached to the hoist. Some hooks or eyes are attached to the bottom to hang the load. The use of a lifting beam has two important advantages. First of all, the lifting beam is used for lifting goods with deviating or large dimensions. Because there are multiple attachment points for the load, you prevent the load from tipping over when lifting. In addition, lifting beams prevent a load from bending or even breaking when it is lifted with its full weight at one point. By distributing the load, the goods can be handled more carefully.

A hoist jib divides the load and prevents bending

Hoist Jibs at BKRS Crane Systems

Although a lifting jib is in some cases manufactured in-house, you run the risk that it does not meet the safety standards. Hoist jibs must also be inspected. BKRS manufactures lifting beams that are provided with a CE marking. The hoist jibs are manufactured in our own workshop, which guarantees the quality. At the same time, we can use this to reduce costs, making purchasing a hoist jib from BKRS also a good buy.

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